Materials & Samples

We work with a very diverse range of materials – much of the furniture we make is in wood but many of the individual pieces and larger interior projects will include other materials.

We use only the very best suppliers for all the materials we use and visit the best timber yards so we can hand select wood and veneers to ensure we get the best material for a specific job.

We have strong working relationships with other specialist companies who share our commitment to quality and who excel in their specialised area.

We regularly work with the following materials and always rise to the challenge of working with something new.


In either solid or veneer the sheer diversity of wood is remarkable – no two species are the same just as no two trees within a species the same. We work closely with some of the best timber yards in Great Britain and go to great lengths to ensure we only use the very finest, responsibly sourced wood.

To ensure the quality of the woods we use we visit timber yards and hand select the best, most suitable wood for each project we undertake.


Whether commissioning a bespoke pair of stainless steel hinges, having a table frame fabricated and polished or getting gold plated brass strips made for decorative inlays we know the metalworker, plater or polisher to get the job right.

We regularly work with a range of different metals and finishes including stainless steel, brass, gold, chrome and nickel plating.

Glass & Mirror

We work with artisan glass workers and large scale manufactures alike to offer our clients an ever increasing range of glass and mirror options. Coloured glass, antique and decorative mirror, large toughened float glass table tops, hand sculptured glass panels are just a few of the ways we have used glass and mirror.

Leather & Fabric

We use leather and fabric in a host of ways – from decorative panelling and traditional leather skiver desk tops to suede lined drawers and fully upholstered furniture our leather workers and upholsterers are some of most skilled you will find.

Manmade Materials

A continually evolving range of materials that offer fantastic opportunities for both decorative and structural applications Corian, Parapan, carbon fibre and Kinon have all been used in our furniture and kitchens.

Stone, Granite & Marble

Stone, granite and marble are used to great effect in our work. From table tops, to bathrooms and kitchen worktops they offer both durability and beauty. We work with highly skilled stonemasons and suppliers to ensure materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality.

Specialist Finishes

We have used a variety of specialist finishes on our furniture and kitchens which have included; metal effect spray finishes, high gloss lacquering, liming and waxing, hand painting, gold and silver leafing and sandblasting.

Because the furniture we make is bespoke and the materials we use hand selected from some of the best suppliers in the world the range of materials at our disposal is vast. Our suppliers know we value the finest, most highly figured woods and will call us when that special log comes into their yard. From stunning burr Elm and rippled sycamore to eye catching bright red birds eye maple and everything in between we can find the perfect material for any project.


Sampling is a very important part of our job - it allows the client to see clearly what materials or detailing we are proposing. Sometimes a flat panel is enough to show our intentions but often we will produce a full sample of a door or handle to show how different materials work with each other or to illustrate a design detail.