Sakura Drinks Cabinet

Sakura is a drinks cabinet that was designed to compliment a side board we had previously been commissioned to make. It is made from hand selected English walnut, burr English walnut and dyed birds eye maple with cherry blossom marquetry in dyed veneers.

The marquetry design was inspired by the famous Japanese cherry blossoms. The blossoms had to be hand drawn at full size before being scanned ,digitised and cut out using a CNC laser cutter – the individual pieces of veneer, which numbered over 5000 , where then taped back together by hand to create marquetry sheets of the finished design.

This marquetry process illustrates clearly how we combine traditional techniques with modern technology - using a CNC laser to cut the marquetry pieces is more accurate and quicker than doing it by hand but still relies of the skill of the designer and CNC programmer to ensure accuracy. The individual pieces are then put back together by hand and taped in the same way that would have been for centuries.

Making the cabinet presented a number of technical challenges - curved work is always complicated but even more so when in conjunction with ornate marquetry. To ensure the marquetry pattern followed through across the carcass and the doors the veneering had to be millimetre perfect as any misalignment would be very obvious and ruin the flow of the blossoms. The curved drawers are made in ripple sycamore and have hand cut dovetailed joints and a blue suede lining . The inside of the cabinet has glass shelves and LED lighting.

The cabinet is finished with an ultra clear satin lacquer.

Sakura has been awarded Guild mark number 452 by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers in recognition of the quality of its design and manufacture.

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Materials at a glance English Walnut
Burr English Walnut
Blue dyed Birds eye maple
Assorted veneers for the marquetry
Ripple Sycomore
Blue suede
Sterling silver
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“Cimitree built our kitchen a few years ago and I can honestly say that it gives me pleasure every day. The workmanship is outstanding. The quality of the wood selection and care and attention to detail is astonishing. It is functional and beautiful not a day goes by without someone commenting on it.

The company is a rarity, craftsmanship like this is almost impossible to find. They are very helpful and patient to deal with so much so that since the kitchen we have commissioned a dining room table and sideboard both of which are exceptional. Finding Cimitree has given me the opportunity to create items for my home that are individual unique and exquisite.

A truly remarkable company.”

Mr & Mrs H - Tunbridge Wells

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