Haslemere Study

When we were first approached the client brief for this project was for a very contemporary looking study with sharp lines, gloss finishes and lots of colour. The client had a change of mind and decided they would like us to design something more traditional.

We designed the cabinetry and panelling in Elm with burr cluster panels and a fumed tulip wood beading detail. The accompanying desk, based on a traditional partner’s desk, was in matching materials and featured hand cut dovetailed drawers and a red leather top.

Our design had to allow for a considerable amount of IT equipment so the cabinets housing the hardware had grilles to the doors and air vents to the backs to create a good air flow. The panels above the fitted desks had built in cable management slots and were made to be removable to allow for easy access to the cabling. Printers were put on pull out shelves so they could be hidden away behind the cabinet doors when being used.

The display cabinets had built in, inward facing LED lights to illuminate the inside of the cabinets and eliminate any glare on the glass from the outside.

The final element of the study was a coffee table - the client wanted this piece to bring a very contemporary touch to the room. The ‘Ribbon ‘table we designed was very different in style to the rest of the room. The study cabinetry and desk were very crisp and the lines very straight - we wanted the coffee table to have a more organic , flowing look to it so designed the frame to have sweeping , curves. The wedged solid elm legs were also curved and rounded.

We used very pale ripple sycamore for the tables ribbon under frame to contrast the elm and fumed tulip wood that had been used for the cabinetry and desk.

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Materials at a glance Elm
Burr cluster Elm
Fumed tulip wood
Ripple sycamore
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“We would just like to say how pleased we are with all the furniture Cimitree has made for us. The design, quality of the workmanship and fitting was carried out to an exceptionally high standard. Moreover, you and your team were a pleasure to work with. Having met with you initially and seen some of your work we had high expectations but we are pleased to say that all the finished work (study, dressing rooms, bedroom furniture) exceeded our already high expectations. Well done! We would both unhesitatingly use you again and recommend Cimitree to friends, colleagues and third parties.”

Mr & Mrs B - Haslemere

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