Our Team

Adrian King


Adrian has responsibility for the creative and design side of the business as well as the day to day running of the workshop; his time is spent sketching, developing ideas and applying his technical knowledge and engineering background to problem solving and working out how to make things that at first glance appear straight forward but more often than not prove quite the opposite.

Adrian has a bench in the workshop and whilst not spending as much time at it as he would like is still very much hands on in the designing and making of our furniture.

Chris Thorpe


Chris is responsible for the day to day running of Cimitree on a commercial and operational level. He is first point of contact for clients and works alongside our project managers to ensure projects run smoothly and to schedule.

Chris oversees the production of samples and finishing, working closely with our sprayers and finishers to ensure the very highest level of finish is achieved every piece.

Mark Nicholas

Senior Cabinet Maker

Mark is our longest serving employee and has been with us pretty much from the start. He brings with him over 35 years of cabinet making expertise having been head maker and teacher at the world famous Edward Barnsley workshop. Mark has a vast knowledge base and is our resident expert in large scale, traditional, solid wood construction.

Our Team

Stuart Webster

Senior Cabinet Maker

Stuart has a degree in furniture design and craftsmanship and almost 20 years bench experience. He has a meticulous attention to detail which he applies to everything he makes. He has been awarded three Guild marks by the Worshipful Company of Furniture makers in recognition of the quality of his craftsmanship

Luke Turner

Senior Cabinet Maker

Luke joined us on a 6 month contract in 2010 and never left ! He is a exceptionally skilled, versatile all rounder and whilst spending most of his time at the bench he does a lot of our site surveying and fitting. He has a degree in furniture design and craftsmanship from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College.

Luke Griffiths

Senior Cabinet Maker

Luke was the first apprentice we took on having started work for us in 2007. He is an exceptional cabinet maker and was selected to represent the UK in World skills Calgary in 2010. He is a highly organised and versatile member of the Cimitree team.

Our Team

Kevin Fronda

Cabinet Maker

Kevin served his apprenticeship with us whilst studying at Chichester college and became a full time employee when he completed his apprenticeship in 2010. He has developed into a highly skilled craftsman and a much valued member of the team.

Alistair Macallan

Cabinet maker

Alistair trained at Chichester College and joined Cimitree having gained a broad range of experience working for a number of local companies.

Tom Jarrold

Junior cabinet maker

Tom joined us having trained at one of the country’s leading teaching workshops. As a student he exhibited at ‘Celebration of Craftsmanship and design’ where he was awarded the Alan Peters Award - a award recognising young , emerging talent in the bespoke furniture industry.

David Bote


David is currently serving his apprenticeship with us. He works 3 days a week with us and 2 days a week at Chichester college. He is already a capable maker who has a great deal of potential which we are looking forward to him fulfilling with us.

Ethan Maynard

Designer and project manager

Ethan is a highly skilled designer, draughtsman and project management. He has worked for over 25 years in the bespoke kitchen and furniture industry and brings with him a wealth of creative and practical expertise. Ethan has an MA in Design with Teaching and Learning.

Jane and Bea

Administration and accounts

Jane and Bea provide us with bookkeeping and admin. They are highly organised and a key part of the Cimitree team.